Thank you for organising the trip to Bucharest for me and my friends. I was very pleased with the regular contact you had with me and the speed in which you put a great package together. Bucharest is a fantastic city and was more than suitable for our trip. All of the transfers (airport, castle and football) went smoothly and on time excluding traffic. We were all so very happy to go to Dracula's castle and it was truly worth the long trip to see it. Something we will remember forever. The football was a great experience too and Rapid won 7-1 so we got value for our money. Lastly I wanted to mention our nightlife guiding. Thank you for making a table reservation for us at Caru cu Bere, the food was exceptional. Our guide Flavia met us at the restaurant and from there took us to many great bars in the city. We felt like we got a really good feel of some of the best bars in the city and experienced the atmosphere. Flavia was a fantastic guide who had a great personality that put us at great ease from the moment we met her. Everything from her amazing English grammar to her witty sense of humour meant that we all really enjoyed her company too. Even though we thanked her at the end of the holiday, I hope you can pass on my best wishes too. Thank you to everyone who helped make our holiday special. My group was thinking of making a trip to Zagreb next year around the same time. Many thanks! 

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