No matter whether you have never held a gun in your hand or you are a total professional we have the perfect package for you at one of our Bucharest Shooting Ranges.

For beginners there is the Pistol Shooting package which will provide each of you with 25 shots to try out shooting from either a Glock 9mm or a Sig-Sauer 9mm pistol.

If you are looking for something more intense we have the Extensive Shooting package which provides hours of shooting fun, a collection of weapons to try out and two-way transfer included in the price.

Clay Pigeon Shooting is also an option if you prefer to shoot at moving targets. Safety is our number one priority so of course you will be given all the necessary safety gear.

Whichever package you choose not only your precision and aim but also your ability to concentrate will be tested as you try to hit the given targets. Compare results and find out which of your mates is the best sharpshooter.

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