Midget hire for 1 hour
Good with Bar Crawl or Clubbing
Mr. Dwarf hand-tied to the groom
Longer duration applicable - just ask
Duration of the event

1 hour (or optionally more)

In which season is event available

All year long

Place where event takes place

City Center

Behavior notes for the customers
Behaviour notes

Don't forget that you are hiring a human being.

There is 135cm (4,5ft) of calamity prepared for your groom to turn his night inside out. Before he puts on a wedding ring, tie his hands to our Mr. Dwarf for an hour or for the whole night!

Our tiny man is a real party animal!
Dressed in a party friendly gear he will be a valuable addition to your stag party.

This activity will bring on a whole new direction to your Bachelor party and will enrich it with experience others will hardly believe you!

Trust Pilot

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