5 beers per person in different pubs and bars
Female guide (up to 7 hours)
Route and bar selection tailored to preference of the group
Place where event takes place

City Center

Haven't you found your strong sport side yet? I bet we have found an activity that perfectly suits you!

There is a Marathon tailored to men! No towels or bottles of water are needed.
Just bring your party mood and infinite love for beer (love for a future wife can wait)!

Your Stag group will create your own unique beer-map. With assistance of our guide you will pick out best pubs and bars in town and visit them one after another.

You can spend as much time in each as you want and free beer for everybody is guaranteed.

As all sport activities, Marathon Pub Crawl also has its end. But unlike other sport disciplines, it doesn't end with crossing the finish line but with getting wasted.

Go for it!

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