4 hours tour walking
Female guide
Visit of 3 pubs with prepaid beer
In which season is event available

All year long

Place where event takes place

City Center

But you'll be too busy with your stag duties and most likely there won't be any time left for sightseeing. Does it seem like a problem? With our stag activity no more!

Cultural Pub Crawl cleverly combines meeting the culture and enjoying drinks. It perfectly suits those who want to get to know the city where all the stag-craze bursts out.

One of our sweet girls will guide you around and show you the most significant landmarks of Bucharest. While walking from one sight to another, you'll pop into some pubs to grab a cold beer and relax.

You will enjoy Cultural Pub Crawl even more in summer, when terrace pubs are open and you can feast your eyes on pretty girls passing by.

No transfer is required unless you booked accommodation somewhere outside city centre. Our price does not include such transfer.

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