Football is the sport number one in Romania. The most famous name is Gheorghe Hagi, who was star at Real, Barcelona & Galatarasay in 1990's.

But his career includes also Steaua Bucharest that along with Dinamo Bucharest ranks among top clubs in Romanian league. Other notable clubs in Bucharest area are Voluntari, Rapid, Daco-Getica and Metalglobus.

We can certainly get you tickets for their home matches and you this means pretty wild atmosphere, particularly for the derby games. The most famous stadium is Arena Nationala, that can host over 55 000 people.

We also love our clients to be fit and this means that we have five-on-five football as well as full-pitch playgrounds that can be arranged.

To make you enjoy the weekend even more, there are some fun alternatives and addon to your games applicable.

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