Table reservation in popular Romanian restaurant (large group will be seated in private room)
Beer or soft drink per person
Selection of three menus - all include starters, main course with side dish and dessert
Female guide
In which season is event available

All year long

Place where event takes place

City Center

You can hardly feel a real atmosphere of the city without experiencing it with all your senses.

There is a very traditional three-course dinner prepared for you and your buddies to fill your stomachs before wild night starts. Sit comfortably and get ready for delicious adventure.

It may sound confusing, but don't go crazy if you will be offered Borş de urechiuşe.
It's a very tasty wild mushrooms sour soup known by every Romanian.

If you better choose something classic, then go for Ciorbă de pui - popular and simple chicken soup.

A soup can hardly fill macho men's stomach, but the next course surely will!
Cabbage rolls or so called "Sarmale" are very Romanian and if you are a meat-lover, you will have your day because Romanian cuisine consists predominantly of meat dishes.

We highly recommend you to add to your meal "Slănina afumată", smoked bacon that deliciously colors the taste of meat.

Sweet end of your dinner may consist of papanash with cow cheese and blueberries or very traditional sweetbread Cozonac de casă.

Sounds awesome? Don't hesitate and try out! Bon Apetit - Poftă Bună!

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