Very traditional Romanian mushroom soup.

Three-course Romanian Dinner

Table reservation in popular Romanian restaurant (large group will be seated in private room)
Selection of three menus - all include starters, main course with side dish and dessert
Beer or soft drink per person
Female guide

With all the other thrilling things going on you must not forget about the most delicious part of a Stag, the food. Choose the option that suits your party best from our selection.

If you are looking to explore a bit of the local cuisine you might want to go for the Three-Course Romanian Dinner which promises only the best tastes from the region.

A favorite among Stags is the Steak Dinner with Drink which combines a tasty and filling meal with a drink to get you in the right mood.

A truly unique adventure is the Medieval Banquet which will take you back in time for the authentic experience of the Middle Ages and also might teach you some local history on the way.

The fun doesn't have to stop while you are eating. We also offer many meals with some extra excitement in the form of a stripper or two. Whether that be in the form of a Dominatrix Striptease or a Lesbo Show is completely up to you.

These meals are not just about the cuisine. They will leave every member of your party full of delicious food and wonderful memories to share for years to come.

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