3 rides 10 minutes driving per person on 13 HP go-karts(total 30 minutes driving time)
English speaking instructor or translation to English
Two-way transfer
All safety gear
Beer in the trackside bar
Maximum, minimum or recommended number of persons
Group size

From 4 persons

Duration of the event

Around 3-4 hours (with transfer time)

In which season is event available

May - October, depends on weather

Place where event takes place

Near City Centre

Popular outdoor Go kart track is 1240 meters long and 8-10 meters wide, with tribune for several hundreds spectators.

This track often serves also for official go-karting competitions with the maximum number of 34 participants in a race.

On modern outdoor track you will get new skills in driving and you will have lot of fun.

The bar offers good refreshment and we invite you for a beer.

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