Let put simple - Bucharest sexy girls and ladies are the primary reason that attracts male visitors to this destination.

We have broad selection of private striptease programs that can organised at your place, in a limousine, on a boat or we can arrange a proper private venue for group of any size and any taste.

We partnered with reputable lap dance clubs and erotic clubs. In the lap dance clubs your eyes will enjoy stripper girls shaking in striptease performances & in the erotic clubs the gorgeous female staff can do for you things, that some may judge inappropriate.

Mud Wrestling or Dominatrix striptease performance will spice up the mood of the weekend with combo of erotic excitement and the stag being victim of a joke. Both may leave him with some bruises on his back, but certainly with memory that will be well discussed by his mates in years to come.

For the ones who have not just naked body hungry eys, but like to fill the bellies with tasty menu we have several stag dinner deals.

And don't forget that most of the Bucharest adult entertainment performances are not limited to one sexy performer. You can always double or triple the experience by choosing more girls to attend your party.

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