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Which room types are available
Room types

9 sumptuous rooms

Leisure facilities options
Leisure Facilities

spacious garden, well-equipped hall with 3 extensible couches and a dining area

List of room equipment
Room equipment

flat-screen TV, equipped modern kitchen with a microwave and refrigerator, free toiletries, hair dryer, bed linen

Villa has 9 sumptuous rooms at your disposal. 13 single beds and 1 double bed provide you with the best comfort and deep sleep. Don't worry about a noisy street. Despite being in the centre, villa is located in quiet and peaceful area.

Your bad morning hangover can be cured with a belly-filling breakfast on the sunny terrace. Villa offers a spacious garden where your stag group can charge up its batteries before heading out for a night rave.

For hanging out with your buddies there is a well-equipped hall with 3 extensible couches and a dining area. Villa has a flat-screen TV and free WiFi is a matter of course.

A modern kitchenette is equipped with a microwave and refrigerator. In 5 private bathroom you can find free toiletries and a hair dryer. Bed linen is provided.

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