There is a lot of aspects to think about when choosing where to stay - is it close to the city center, do they accept bigger groups, do they allow parties.

We did all of the thinking for you and came up with a selection of the best accommodations in Bucharest adjusted especially for Stag groups like yours. So now your task is a lot simpler.

Maybe you don't consider accommodation to be as important and would rather spend your money elsewhere. Then you can choose a Comfort Hotel which offers good value for a relatively low price.

Or on the other hand you want to enjoy a relaxing stay and don't mind paying a little extra for it. For you we have our Luxury Hotels offering the full range of services for your ultimate comfort.

If you are looking for some more privacy we also offer apartment hotels or a Stag favorite - party villas. There you can celebrate without worrying that you will disturb the other guests and enjoy the luxury of your own terrace or garden.

All our accommodations have English speaking staff and are located near a wide range of night venues so you don't have to go far for a great party.

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